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Raod description and GPS coordinates for Hemsedal 

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20 minutes shorter drive

If you are arriving from the east, a new road with a tunnel through Søkna and Ørgenvika has cut highway 7 by 21 km and approx. 20 minutes’ driving time. This is great news for everyone visiting Hemsedal from east Norway, driving via Oslo or Hønefoss. From central Oslo it’s now 200 km to Hemsedal Ski Centre and approx. 3 hours’ drive. NOK 70 toll for private cars.

Route description to Hemsedal

Oslo to Hemsedal
200 km, driving time approx. three hours. 
Coming out of Oslo, follow the E18 towards Drammen and Sandvika for approx. 10 km. Come off at Sandvika and then follow the E16 towards Hønefoss for approx. one hour (45 km). At the roundabout, take the exit towards highway 7 and Gol. Follow highway 7 to Gol, approx. 110 km. Take a right after Gol, onto highway 52 towards Hemsedal. Follow highway 51 and 52 to Hemsedal, approx. 35 km. 

Bergen to Hemsedal
280 km, driving time approx. four hours. 
Coming out of Bergen, follow the E16 to Lærdal to Borlaug. After Borlaug, exit towards Hemsedal and follow highway 52.  

Sandefjord Airport - Torp

278 km, driving time approx. 4 hours.
Drive onto E18 and drive towards Drammen.
Take exit 25 towards Haugesund / Kongsberg. Drive on E134 til Fv 283 and then Rv 35.
After Vikersund take Rv. 280 towards Noresund and Ørgenvika. Road number 7 towards Gol and road 52 towards Hemsedal.

To the Welcome Centre and Hemsedal Ski Centre 
From Oslo, drive through Hemsedal town centre and continue approx. 2 km. Take a left over the bridge next to the sign for Hemsedal Ski Centre. If you’re going to the ski slope, go straight ahead after the bridge. To collect keys, follow signs to Welcome Centre 1 Hemsedal Fjellandsby or Welcome Centre 2 Alpine Lodge, depending on where you’re staying. Check your booking confirmation to find out where to collect your key.

Driving distances to Hemsedal

Hemsedal – Oslo 200 km
Hemsedal – Oslo Airport Gardermoen 210 km
Hemsedal – Larvik 290 km
Hemsedal – Bergen 280 km
Hemsedal – Fagernes/Leirin airport 80 km
Hemsedal – Gothenburg 490 km
Hemsedal – Karlstad 420 km
Hemsedal – Stockholm 730 km
Hemsedal – Helsingborg 720 km
Hemsedal – Malmö 770 km

Use winter tyres

We recommend that all visitors with cars use winter tyres or studded tyres, during winter time. For guests staying in Holdeskaret/Skarsnuten/Skigaarden/Veslestølen, we also recommend bringing snow chains.

The roads will be gritted from Oslo and to Ulsåk before Hemsedal town centre, but in the event of heavy snowfall and low temperatures, there may still be snow and ice on the roads. Adjust your speed for the conditions, and also remember to watch out for elk.

GPS coordinates for Welcome Centre 1, Hemsedal Fjellandsby









GPS coordinates for Welcome Centre 2, Hemsedal Alpine Lodge









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