Train to Hemsedal

If you come by train from Oslo or Bergen, your choose Gol as arrival destination. From Gol you take the local bus or the new shuttlebus to Hemsedal. 

Bergensbanen passes magnificent mountains and fjords between Oslo and Bergen, and is itself an experience.

Take the train to Hemsedal!

If you want to take the train from Bergen or Oslo to Hemsedal (Gol), Nettbuss runs corresponding buses from Gol to Hemsedal Thursday, Friday and Sunday. The bus ticket costs NOK 100. In addition you can take the local bus no. 360 that runs every day between the train station and Hemsedal. 

Book your train ticket on and book the shuttlebus for a quick shuttle to the mountains in Hemsedal. 

How to buy the trip with the shuttle bus

  • Find the desired train departure, Oslo or Bergen
  • Go to and search up the desired departure station to Gol. Buy train ticket (can also be purchased on board).
  • When you have bought a train ticket, go to the front page at and choose "From" Gol (Gol station//Gol Stasjon) and to the desired stop in Hemsedal.
  • Choose the departure that corresponds to the arrival time of your train journey and make purchases. 

NB! It is important that you choose Gol (Gol station) and not Gol (Gol ski station) when you search the bus.

Booking Shuttlebus

Take the local bus to Hemsedal from Gol Station // It goes every day and corresponds with some of the trains arriving in Gol

All trains on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays are connected with a shuttlebus to Hemsedal from Gol. Book the shuttelbus on beforhand via

Hemsedal has initiated a new collaboration with NSB and Nettbuss with a shuttle bus that takes our guests from the train at Gol to Hemsedal. The bus has departure time within half an hour from the time the train has reached the station in Gol, then it takes 30 minutes to Hemsedal and your holiday can start.

NB! The bus (route 360) correspond with some train arrivals. If you should be unfortunate to arrive outside the operational hours, local taxi is the only option to get to Hemsedal. We recommend to book the taxi in advance.

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