An autumn weekend in Hemsedal


Autumn is right around the corner with its beautiful colours, cool evenings and darker nights. But no need to fear, with the arrival of autumn the whole of Norway is painted in colours of red, yellow and orange, and where better to enjoy nature's colourful masterpiece than in the mountains?

Here are 10 tips to how you can create an unforgettable autumn weekend in Hemsedal!

1. Bring your thermos and enjoy hot chocolate on top of a mountain
What is better than enjoying a cup of delicious hot chocolate when you have finally managed to claw your way to the top of a mountain? It is almost as if the view 'tastes' better! What about hiking up to Harahødn with a view over the nature reserve Hydalen? Or wander up to Røggjin with its 360 degree view from the top? There are plenty of choices at least, and you will find twenty suggestions in our Top 20 guide that you can find here at the Tourist Office or online! Happy hiking!

Photo: Nils Erik Bjørholt

2. Go hunting for mountain 'gold'; cloudberries
In the autumn all of Hemsedal tranforms into beautiful hues of red, orange and yellow, but its not just the leaves that create this astonishing seasonal display. In Hemsedal you will also find loads of juicy organge cloudberries this time of year. No one will tell you where their secret cloudberry-spot is located, but perhaps you will find your own? The best time to find cloudberries is from august until early september, before the frost arrives. Hot tip: mix your newly picked berries with fresh cream, and enjoy the Norwegian favourite desert: multekrem (cloudberry cream). Guaranteed to make you drool for more.

3. Visit Hemsedals yearly autumn market
Every year Hemsedal arranges its popular autumn market with lots of great deals on everything from mountain gear to fashion clothes, a huge variety of local food, in addition to stalls selling fresh 'kvikaku' (local pancake) with soured cream and jam (don't knock it until you try it) and much more! See the whole town gather in the town centre to celebrate the autumn's arrival and good friends, and join in on the fun! We hope to see you on the 7th of September!

Photo: Katarina Wälås

4. Enjoy a delicious autumn dinner with the family at Kjøkkenkroken
When the nights begin to get darker there are few things that satisfy a human heart more than a delicious autumn dinner in front of the fireplace. At Kjøkkenkroken in Hemsedal town centre they serve the best local food, and a dish of tender reindeer meat with redwine sauce, vegetables and more sounds pretty good after a cold autumn hike doesn't it? Check the opening times and menu at!

Photo: Kjøkkenkroken

5. Pack your tent and wool sweater, and spend the night out in nature
Even though the temperatures are starting to drop, that does not mean that the camping season is over just yet. With a warm wool-sweater, and a pair of socks or two in your backpack, sleeping i a tent outside is a great experience, also into October. Just make sure that you have enough warm clothes with you for when the nigh arrives. Why not bring your tent to the top of Storhøvda? Few things can beat enjoying your morning coffee with a view of Skogshorn!

Photo: Nils Erik Bjørholt

6. Experience the sunrise from Ranastøngji
Watching the sunrise at 1900 meters above sea level? Yes please! A unique experience that can be just as breathtaking in autumn as in summer (great news for us sleepy-heads, because that means the sun rises later than usual). Pack a backpack with your favourite tea and some warm clothes, and remember a headlight! If you start your hike around midnight, you should reach the top of Ranastøngji in plenty of time to see Hemsedal awake from its autumn slumber. Remember to stay warm!

Photo: Nils Erik Bjørholt

7. Reach new heights with Via Ferata
Via Ferata, or 'the iron rode', as it translates to from Italian, also exists in Hemsedal! A 3-4 hour experience with climbing gear and a qualified guide, and you will end up on the top of 'Little Røggjin' with a beautiful view over Hemsedal. This is a great tip if you are spending a weekend in Hemsedal with your friends or want to impress the teenagers in the family! To book visit!

Photo: Nils Erik Bjørholt

8. Marvel at the autumn colours along Kongeveien
One of autumn's best hiking suggestions is to bring the whole family and walk the scenic route from Ershovd to Krik along the orange and yellow trees that surround the historic Kongeveien (King's Road). In the old days this road served as the main trade route between the East and the West of Norway, and even Emperor Wilhelm (the last emperor of Germany) has travelled along its scenic beauty. Kongeveien through Hemsedal crosses the county-border to Sogn og Fjordane by Eldrevatnet (lake), and is perfect for both walking and cycling. There are four information boards placed along the road, one in Venås, one by Vårstølen in Heimdalen, one by Ershovd and one at Eldrehaugen. 

Photo: Katarina Wälås

9. Cycle along Fanitullvegen to Ål
The popular cycling route between Hemsedal and Ål, Fanitullvegen, is just as spectacular in the autumn as it is during the summer months. The road stretches 30 km over the mountains all the way down to our neighbouring-village Ål. Take on your helmet and set out on a unforgettable bikeride along some of Hemsedals most beautiful scenery.

Photo: Nils Erik Bjørholt

10. Visit Hemsedals answer to Trolltunga
Hydalshjallen is not only ten times easier to hike than the Instagram-favourite in Odda, it also has one of the most spectacular views over the nature reserve of Hydalen with a much smaller chance of blisters! What's not to love? This is a hike that suits the whole family, so get out and enjoy nature. Instagram-likes guaranteed!

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