Autumn getaway to Hemsedal


Summer is coming to an end, but that does not mean there is nothing to look forward to in the coming months. Soon the trees and mountains will be covered in a carpet of autumn colours, you can walk outside in your favourite woolen sweater without aquiring odd stares from strangers still sporting flip-flops and a t-shirt, and it is perfectly respectable to sit down in front of the fireplace with a delicious cup of hot chocolate after a long day outside. Here in Hemsedal the season is far from over, and we have plenty of outdoor activities to tempt you with also into the colder autumn months. 

Bring your family to the mountains this year and experience one of Norway's most beautiful autumn destinations. Here are some tips to inspire your next great outdoor adventure in Hemsedal! We hope to see you soon!

The arrival of autumn
As the weather changes from long warm days lounging in the sun to cool evenings and falling leaves one can easily feel a bit blue. Summer is over and everyday life has begun yet again. Why not embrance the new season by bringing the whole family to the mountains? There are plenty of cosy cabins available, and there are few things more beautiful than Hemsedal covered in autumn colours. When you have all settled in at the cabin, why not light the fireplace and enjoy a cub of hot chocolate before your first day in the mountains? Board games are also a great family activitiy to kick-start your week in Hemsedal!

Photo: Nils Erik Bjørholt

A Saturday hike to Kvitingatn
Kvitingatn is one of Hemsedal's top 20 hikes, and a highly underrated one as such, with beautiful views of Grøndalen, Tuv, nearby cabins and the surrounding mountains. This is the perfect hike to start your autumn getaway. Do as the Norwegians and bring some of the so-called 'hiking chocolate' Kvikk Lunsj and a thermos with something hot, and get going! You will walk along playful creeks, along a path between the nearby mountain farms before following a short path through beautiful forest and starting your ascend to the top. This hike is known to be one of the lushest during the summer months, and in autumn the trees and mountain heather transform into stunning colours of red, yellow, burgundy and orange. Some of the nearby mountain tops might also have been covered in white from  the first snowfall of the season. Happy hiking!

Photo: Nils Erik Bjørholt

An action-packed Sunday with Mountain Carts, waterfalls and scenic views
While some prefer a lazy Sunday on the terrace with a cup of coffee and the weekend paper, others seek more adventure. At Hemsedal Ski Centre there are plenty of activities for adventurous souls. The chair lift runs on the weekends from 10am until 4pm, but the opening times vary from week to week, so make sure to double-check on our website before booking your stay. As the first destination in Norway we are delighted to offer Mountain Carts. It is the perfect speedy activity for the whole family, and no prior experience or knowledge is required. If you wish to pre-book visit It is also beautiful to walk along the nature path from the top of the chairlift towards the serene Solaustbekken (creek/ waterfall). At the end of the day you can enjoy a fresh waffle at Fjellkafeen before ending your adventure by Rjukandefossen, one of our most beautiful waterfalls.

Photo: Nils Erik Bjørholt

Kick-start Monday with a scenic horseback ride
Imagine this: a light breeze is blowing through your hair as you and your horse make your way into Lykkja surrounded by the lakes and mountains. Suddenly you get a breathtaking view of the gigantic Skogshorn mountain. Everything is painted in beautiful autumn colours, and your lungs fill with fresh mountain air. Life is good.

Sound appealing? Bring the whole family to Lykkja and visit Hemsedal Western Horses for an unforgettable day in the saddle. Suitable for the whole family regardless of ability and skill level.

For more information and to book, call Hemsedal Western Horses at +4793862236

Photo: Katarina Wälås

A Tuesday hike to Skogshorn
Skogshorn remains Hemsedal's most famous and beloved mountain among tourists and locals alike. The last couple of years Hemsedal has worked hard to ensure that the hike to the peak is more accessible for the whole family, and sherpas have worked hard on building stone steps part of the way, so no excuses! Skogshorn is arguably the most beautiful during the autumn months when it is surrounded by all the gorgeous autumn colours. The hike will take up the entire day, so you can with a good conscience sit down to relax afterwards. A great hike for everyone, though on the more challenging end of the scale. Remember your camera!

Photo: Nils Erik Bjørholt

Spend your Wednesday canoying on the Vannen lake
After a challenging hike to Skogshorn you deserve to lower the tempo and enjoy an idyllic day canoying on the Vannen lake. Bring a camping stove with you if you have one and some pancakebatter, and take a break at one of the many islands spread across the lake. Perhaps you will find some tasty blueberries to add to your meal? Many of the islands are also the perfect place for a calm and serene camping spot far removed from everyone else, just remember to bring warm clothes! From the canoe you will also have a spectacular view of Skogshorn and its reflection in the water.

To rent a canoe contact Høyt og Lavt Climbing Park or Hemsedal Fjellsport at +4794214111 or

Foto: Katarina Wälås

Start your Thursday with a bike ride around the Storevatn lake
Cycling is great in autumn, and the round-trip around Storevatn and in towards Blommesletta is a wonderful combination of gravel, forest and nature paths. You have a fantastic view from Nørelihøgda towards Tisleia and Skogshorn. A fun trip, with some slightly more demanding sections of dirt tracks. This is a red track if you cycle the whole 19 kilometres, but it is naturally also an option to make it shorter by going back-and-forth the same way if desired. It is also lovely to walk on the path by Blommesletta. If you want to cylce an easier route, drop by the Tourist Office and check out our biking brochure!

Photo: Nils Erik Bjørholt

Begin the weekend with a hike to Hydalshjallen
Hydalshjallen is an Instagram-favourite among many, and has a spectacular view despite not being a very challenging hike. A nice 1,5 hour walk along the mountain ridge in Hydalen and you are there. After snapping a few pictures by the impressive cliff, enjoy a cup of tea on the other side of the hill. From there you have a great view of the nature reserve Hydalen as well as the nearby waterfall on your right hand side. Remember a good jacket, as the weather quickly changes in this part of the valley during the autumn months.

Experience new heights with Via Ferata in Hemsedal
On Saturdays it is possible to experience Hemsedal's Via Ferata. A 3-4 hour climbing experience up towards 'Vesle Røggjin'. Not for the faint-hearted, but the view from the top will make it worth a bit of nerves. You have to be 12 years or above to partake, but while some are climbing, the rest of the family can take a nice hike up to Karisetberget or Storhøvda. Two beautiful autumn hikes suitable for all ages.

To book Via Ferata visit or call Hemsedal Fjellsport at +4794214111.

Sunday Funday with tennis and climbing
Despite it being departure-day, you probably have time for one last activity before you have to pack your car and leave. Additionally, it will feel great to move a bit before a long journey home!

If you are a fond tennis player or simply want to practice your serves, go to the tennis courts in Grøndalen before depature. You can rent the court, tennis balls and rackets very cheaply, and it is a great workout! If you would rather test your climbing skills, Høyt og Lavt Climbing Park is open from 10am-6pm in week 40, and from 10am-4pm in week 41. The park is great for all ages, with zip-lines, over 60 obstacles and much more available! You will easy spend 2-3 hours here. Check for more information and prices!

Happy Autumn from all of us at Hemsedal Tourist Office!

Photo: Nils Erik Bjørholt

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