Biking in Hemsedal


Biking in Hemsedal is becoming more and more popular. That might not be so strange since most inhabitants like skiing during winter so what do we do when the snow has melted? We switch the skis for mountain bikes.

In Hemsedal you will find approx. 225 km of marked bike routes, which containmostly family friendly gravel roads with amazing views and interesting stops. The route along Hemsila river is an easy route, without hills, that ends up at Eikredammen where you will be rewarded with a wonderful view. At the dam you can choose to cross the main road (and follow the parallel tarmac road by Huso), continue towards Gol and maybe take the bus back or simply return the same way. This and many other biking routes are explained in the biking brochure you will find at the tourist office. In this the marked routes are described but if you feel adventurous there are many paths that are not described in the brochure. These paths often require a guide or local knowledge, but if you want to experience routes not many others have been riding it is well worth it. Biking in Hemsedal can be anything from breath taking views high in the mountains to adrenalin pumping downhill in Hemsedal Bike Park. For families it might be more tempting with simpler routes on gravel roads where a bike trailer can be used – like the trip from the parking at Hestanåne towards Fekjan, passing Ulsåkstølen farm. At Fekjan you will find small waterholes for a refreshing swim and at Ulsåkstølen you will find a café and different farm animals to visit. If you have older children who want to improve their biking skills the roundtrip around Storevatn will be a challenge with a combination of gravel and trails. If you are visiting with your friends or partner and want to experience more challenging trails you will get many great tips from our local mountain bike enthusiasts (on and If you choose to hire a guide you will get more out of your biking day and experience Hemsedal from your bike seat in a way not many others get to experience the area.

The trails in Hemsedal are generally rough, stony and not really beginner friendly, but when you have learned to master the ride you will certainly be hungry for more. For beginners and intermediates a new 1,7 km long trail in Totteskogen opened in June (Tottelia Rides), where you can improve your skills. This trail is the first of many new projects which are planned in Hemsedal the next couple of years. The next project is a 9 km long flow trail from the top of the lift in Hemsedal Skisenter, and one to two pump tracks. This is a development us mountain bikers in the valley have been looking forward to for a long time.

Because of the logistics the route along The Old Kings Road from Bjøberg to Tuv or the town centre is less known. There are only buses in the afternoon/evening but if you drive by car to Bjøberg, ride the route and catch the bus back from Trøimshallen at 13.50, while your bikes are in town, you don’t have to pay extras to bring your bike on the bus. The route is just under 20 km and offers rough gravel roads and wide trails while you enjoy the view. In Tuv you can enjoy a refreshing swim by Rjukandefossen after the trip.

Biking in Hemsedal is like our mountains – up and down. But in the town centre you will find rentals of E-bikes so you can enjoy a day without getting a week’s workout. Check the information on bike rentals and guides in the biking brochure you will find at the tourist office and get some inspiration for your next bike adventure in our Scandinavian Alps. Tramp on, see ya on the top!

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