Chasing waterfalls in Hemsedal


A clever man called Dag Evjenths once said: "why sit inside, when all hope is outside", and how to better honour that promise than to go out in nature to chase some of Hemsedal's most beautiful waterfalls that hide between mountains and valleys?

Here is an overview of some of the valley's most beautiful waterfalls, both the famous ones and some of the local treasures!

Our perhaps most famous waterfall is a favourite for a reason. You will find Rjukandefossen only a short drive from Hemsedal town centre, or a short bike ride from Tuv. It is a big and powerful waterfall where you often will find various andrealin-junkies testing their luck by balancing over the waterfall on a tightrope, trying out the zip-line or diving from the nearby cliffs into the ice cold water. Go visit, and see it for yourself!

Follow the main road (Riksvei 52) towards Tuv, and park your car once you see the sign towards Rjukandefossen along the road. Follow the path until you hear the waterfall rumble.

Hemsedal's new 'Instagram-hotspot' has a lot to offer, and the crystal-clear turquoise water tempts adults and children alike to go for a swim on hot summer days. This waterfall has long been one of the valley's best kept secrets, and a dose of wanderlust is required from those who seek it. In other words; you have to search for it! But don't worry, with a bit of patience you will find it in no time!

Follow the Panorama-road towards Lykkja, and follow the gravel road signposted towards Ulsåkstølen. Follow the gravel road until it ends, and park your car. Cross the small bridge over the river, and follow the nearby path. It is not the first waterfall you see, but number two, so continue past the first one to find the real treasure!

Photo: Tuva Svare

It is the first view that greets you when you arrive in Hemsedal from Oslo, and it is a favourite among many. In the winter daredevils go ice climbing here, and in the summer many enjoy their packed lunch on the top of the waterfall on their way to their final hiking destination; Veslehødn.

For those of you that are searching for a challenge, can you find the way behind the waterfall? Warning: requires patience, experience, good shoes and caution.

Drive in direction of Gol. After about 9km from the Tourist Office turn right at the signpost for Torsetstølane / Avfallsmottaket. Turn left at the next crossing and follow the toll road to Torsetstølane, NOK 50,- (card and cash). Once you are above the tree line, turn right and drive to the end of the road. Follow the steep path until you arrive at the top of the waterfall.

Photo: Katarina Wälås

Lysebøttåene (creek)
On your way to the Top 20 hike Ranastøngji you will find this jewel of a creek that paves its way towards the nature reserve of Hydalen. It is smaller than many of the waterfalls mentioned above, but beautiful in its own right. If you get thirsty on your way, why not take a sip to drink? As long as the water is in movement it is perfectly safe, and some of the cleanest water you will find in the world. There are rumours that even Beyoncé use water from Hemsedal in some of her skin products. Worth a shot?

From the Tourist Office drive 4.6 km to Tuv, take to the right into Grøndalen and then up the toll road Hydalsvegen (NOK 60,-). At the end of the lake Vavatn, the road turns sharply to the right (at Vabuleino). Here you find a parking and a signpost towards Ranastøngji. Follow the path along the creek.

Hidden in the forest near the Top 20 hike Steget you will find the mystical and beautiful Trøymsåenefossen. It is easy to find if you just stop to listen. Who knows, maybe trolls are hiding nearby?

Follow Trøymsvegen behind the Tourist Office and take a left turn by the barn and cross the bridge. Follow the tarmac road Kyrkjebønsvegen and pass the old stavechurch plot to your left. Follow signs towards Steget, and listen out for the sound of the waterfall. Alternatively; drive up Kyrkjebønsvegen by Skogstad Hotell, after approximately 1.4 km there is a signpost with Steget on the right hand side. Follow the road behind the barn and up the gravel pit. From the gravel pit there is a market path all the way up to Steget.

Foto: Fyri Resort

Maybe you have hiked to Buaknuppen? After the steep path in the beginning of the hike you walk along the beautiful river / waterfall Slurpafossen. It is not the largest of our waterfalls, but surrounded by wildflowers and beautiful mountains and with a view over the lush Mørekvam valley, it makes up for its humble strength. Worth a visit!

Drive from the Tourist Office 4.6 km to Tuv, take the road to Grøndalen and continue until the road ends in Mørekvam. Follow the marked path. After 4 km the path turns right to Nevreskaret and then contiues to the top. You can also use a bike to cycle the first 4 km from Mørekvam. Remember! There is a toll road you have to pass that costs NOK 40,- in cash.

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