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All of our hikes are beautiful in its own way. Some are a heaven in late summer when you are looking for berries and mushrooms, some have a view you could only dream of and some are rich in wildlife. In this article you can find inspiration to 6 trips we think you should experience whether you are enjoying the outdoors for the exercise, the views or the trip itself.

For the nature lover: With beautiful nature as far as you can see Hemsedal will never disappoint, but nevertheless we have picked two trips you will never be tired of and we will guarantee you need to reach for your camera more than once.
There is a reason why Veslehødn/Veslehorn are one of our most popular Top 20 hikes - it is a medium hike, suitable for children from approx. 10 years of age and from the parking you can say hi to loads of sheep, walk across the Hydnefossen waterfall, take a photo in the wellknown Hydnekjaften/Kjerringskjeften and walk around the lake Hødnetjedne before hiking down the mountain again. If you still have energy left you can extend the trip to Storehødn/Storehorn which is the higher top next to the lake.

Another beautiful trip is the hike from Fekjanstølane to Trøim, but this one need either transport back, a walk along the main road (pavement) og just return the same way. If you have the opportunity to be transported back to your car you can start the hike by Fekjanstølane, where you will pass small waterfalls and crystal clear waterholes. By Såtetjedne you can see into the valley of Øvredalen and when you pass the steep wall by Skurvefjell you will feel very small. On you way to Trøim (town centre) you can either choose to take a right turn and continue the hike into Trøimsbotn, where waterfalls make the river Trøimsåne or simply follow the path down to the town centre. For a round trip another alternative is to park your car by the tourist office and walk from there to Fekjan and from there you continue towards Ulsåk and then follow Hemsilstigen along the river back to town.
Distances: Fekjan-Trøim approx. 7 km, Ulsåk-town centre approx. 4,5 km, town centre-Trøimsbotten approx. 4 km.

When the reward is at the top: Two of the most beautiful views in Hemsedal are Hydnefossen waterfall and Skogshorn mountain and on our family friendly hike to Storhøvda you can have both in just a few hours. From the top you will get a 360 degrees panorama view, where you can get your new profile picture in the "fjellfie" frame or assemble everybody for a family photo with the majestic Skogshorn in the back ground. If you are interested in longer day hikes a trip to Ranastøngji will leave you breathless when looking down the Grand Canyon looking Gravarskardet.
Distances: Storhøvda return trip 3,4 km and 273 m climb. Ranastøngji return trip 13 km and 768 m climb.

Blood, toil, sweat and tears: If you are looking for a workout challenge, check this out: the local moutain run "Te Tøpps" used to have the top of Kyrkjebønnøse as goal when the runners in the village needed a challenge. The last couple of years the goal has been moved to Totten, but not because Kyrkjebønnøse was too easy, on the contrary. With its climb on almost a 1000 meters and the local record on 45 minutes it is enough to give yourself a real challenge.
Distances: Kyrkjebønnøse return trip 7,6 km and 930 m climb (calculated from the parking).

The foodie: Are you looking for a snack or hoping to find your dinner on the hike? A little birdie told us that the area around the ski resort have lots of blueberries, and if you walk from Totten towards Torset there will be plenty of possibilites to fill your bag with both blue- and cloudberries (when in season of course). For a roundtrip you can start by walking up Sentrumløypa, continue towards the bottom of Totten ski lift and onwards to Feten with Fiskumstigen as the last part.
Distances: Sentrumsløypa-Totten 5 km plus Totten-Torset 7 km

On the wild(life) side: Are you one of those who carries binoculars and the big book of wildlife on your hike? Because of the Cronic Waste Disease not many wild reindeer remains in Nordfjella, but on the other side of the valley you can be lucky to see some of the farmed reindeer running around e.g. Harahødn. They are often spotted around Raudberg and Bjøbergnøse also, where even eagles have been seen on Bjøbergnøse. For a sure hit you can visit the animals at Ulsåkstølen and on your way there keep your eyes open for the lovely crane couple who lives in the marshlands. The famous moose is of course also an animal to find in Hemsedal, so be aware of the "King of the Forest" on the main road all summer, but to find it in its right element visit Blomeslettan or Golsfjellet.
Distances: Harahødn return trip 6,2 km and 441 m climb. Unmarked path south of Harahødn approx. 6 km one way (to Kringletjedne). 

The cultoure: In an old village as Hemsedal you can experience lots of culture and history. Hemsedal Bygdatun (the museum) is one of the oldest farms in Hemsedal and goes back to approx. year 1730. On the hike to Geiteberget you will pass information signs about the buildings. Other cultural heritages can be discovered on the trip to Synarsvaet, where summer farms, plots, stone fences etc. tell the story on how humans lived off the nature on these farms. The Synarsvaet trip is around 3 km (brochure with a map can be bought for NOK 35,- at the tourist office). 
In 1882 the old stave church of Hemsedal was torn down, but on your way to the Top 20 hike Steget you will pass the area where it used to be and the font is still used for baptism from time to time.
Have you tried the app Hidden? Try it and you will find tales and legends of Hemsedal and all of Norway and with the AR you can even find the trolls living here.
Distances: Geiteberget return trip 2,2 km and 201 m climb. Synarsvaet round trip 3 km. Steget return trip 4 km and 300 m climb.

In our hiking brochure you will find information and maps of many of the mentioned trips. Remember: when in nature we take only photos and leave only footprints. Have a nice trip!

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