Q&A on the corona virus


This is how we relate to Covid-19 in Hemsedal. Please stay updated on the current corona situation in Hemsedal and Norway. 


We recommend everyone to stay updated on general information from the Norwegian Institute of Health: https://www.fhi.no/
If you are travelling to Norway from another country (also applicable for Norwegian residents) you need to registrer yourself upon arrival. Check more info from FHI here

Information from FHI in different languages

Check also www.regjeringen.no for useful information and updates


In Hemsedal the municipality will update its pages consecutively. Check: https://www.hemsedal.kommune.no/aktuelt/info-om-coronaviruset/ 

Hemsedal Kommune has made it mandatory to wear a facemask in areas where it is not possible to maintain 2 meters distance to other people. This is applicable from December 18th and has been extended until Mai 2nd. Norwegian infomation here


Here we have gathered the answers on the most common questions we have received lately:

Q: Will the ski resort be open this season?
A: Skistar Hemsedal will be open until May 2nd. From April 12th the lift will be running Friday, Saturday and Sunday until May 2nd. Check detailed opening hours on on skistar.com

Q: Can I go skiing in Hemsedal if I travel from another country?
A: The travel restrictions are changing all the time. The latest update was on January 29th. Read more about entry rules here
Check also the governments webpage with questions and answers here

Q: How will Skistar Hemsedal be prepared?
A: Check updates on www.skistar.com. We recommend you load your skipass and book classes/rental online to minimize queueing, read more here

Q: I live in Norway and wants to book a stay in Hemsedal with my family. Is this possible?
A: Yes. You can still book accommodation as long as you only stay with the people you normally live with. It is not recommended to invite visitors to your cabin/apartment.

Q: Will the cross country trails be groomed?
A: The cross country tracks are groomed. Stay updated on skisporet.no

Q: Will the ski bus go as usual?
A: Yes, check out this link for updated schedules. Passengers must use a face mask on the bus.

Q: Is the tourist office open?
A: The tourist office is not open for visitors. But you can reach us by phone +47 32 05 50 30, mail info@hemsedal.com and messenger at FB Hemsedal from Mon-Fri 10:00-16:00 and Saturday 10.00-15.00

Q: Will the shops in Hemsedal be open?
A: From April 12th the shops will again be allowed to be open for customers. Remember to wear a face mask, use antibac and keep your distance to other customers. 
Kiwi and Coop Extra offers home delivery. Contact the shops directly.

Q: Are any activities possible in Hemsedal right now?
A: Yes, some of the activities are still up and running. Book your adventure at Hemsedal Aktiv. 

Q: Is it possible to eat at restaurants in Hemsedal?
A: From April 12th the restaurants are again allowed to be open, and alcoholic beverages can be served together with a meal before 22.00

Q: I have booked accommodation/holiday at Skistar Hemsedal, what to do?
A: Take a look at Skistar Hemsedal's information page: www.skistar.com/en/myskistar/customer-service-support/information-about-corona/

Q: Do I need to wear a facemask while shopping in Hemsedal.
A: From Friday the 18th of December it is mandatory to wear a facemask in areas where you cannot maintain a distance of 2 meter. This rule will apply until Mai 2nd. See note from the municipality here (in Norwegian) 


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