Tips on great family hikes


Hemsedal is a paradise for those who like to go for a hike, whether it is with their family or friends.

The variety with long or short hikes means that everybody can enjoy the experience of Norwegian nature.

The fact that Hemsedal has 41 different marked mountain hikes you can choose from and has the Topp20 program where 20 peaks described in one brochure, makes the mountain holiday varied! You can even buy pins for each peak you reach. It's a great motivation for kids and even adults

Skogshorn 1728 moh which lies up towards Lykkja, is also called Hemsedal’s "landmark".  The mountain towers majestically over Hemsedal. And the view from the top is impeccable! Previously, the trip was rocky and demanding, the trail has been part of a project from 2016-19 where stone steps have been built on parts of the trip. The trail has been upgraded with stone stairs and drainage, built by sherpas from Nepal to make the trip available for even more. This has made it easier to hike up and it’s a fun experience. How many steps do you count on the way up? There are also several picnic areas on the way up.

Do you prefer the view towards Skogshorn? Then you can choose the simpler top Storhøvda. The view takes your breath away when you get to the top. Here you see the waterfall Hydnefossen, Skogshorn, Lykkja and far to the west. At the top there is even a "fjellfie frame" you can sit in and take a picture with Hydnefossen in the background. The tour begins from the Gravset ski stadium, where you start on the gravel road and go further up the forest. The trip is perfect for you with children.

Do you want to see Jotunheimen or Jostedalsbreen? Then Ranastøngji is the hike for you. Here you follow the path along the stream, the upper part is rocky, actually looks like a moon landscape! You follow the cairns towards the top, so do not go on this hike if there is a lot of fog. Right behind the top, it looks like the "Grand Canyon" with a vertical drop of approx. 600 m. It is a 6 hours round trip.

Are you one of those who like history when you are out hiking? Then Geiteberget is a good starting point. Here you pass Hemsedal Bygdatun on the way up, it is old wooden houses from approx. 1730 and is one of the oldest farms from Hemsedal. Here are also grazing animals, so for children it is an experience in itself to hike towards the top and meet the sheep. But remember to have your dog in a leash between 1st of April – 30th of September.

When you travel in such beautiful nature it can be tempting to camp and stay overnight, but remember that in Norway there is a bonfire ban, from April 15th to September 15th.

The Tourist Office offers several good maps for hiking. And can give you tips about where to hike.

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