10 tips for activities during the winter holidays in Hemsedal


Are you spending your winter holidays in Hemsedal? Here you will find inspiration on what kind of activities you and your family can do in Hemsedal.

1. Alpine skiing - It's no secret anymore that Hemsedal has one of the best ski resorts in Norway. Here you will find skiing for the entire family. The large childrens area will make beginners of all ages confident enough to try the more intermediate slopes. In Hemsedal you can also enjoy morning skiing and Non Stop Skiing on chosen days. 

2. Cross Country Skiing - In true Norwegian style you can cross country your way across Hemsedal with tracks going from west to southeast. Totally 250 km of tracks which can be located on skisporet.no where you can also see which tracks are newly groomed. If you want to learn cross country skiing or just want to improve your skills our experienced instructors from Learn2Ski can be booked. 

3. Dog sledding - This is a beautiful experience in the mountains. Behind 5-6 dogs you either relax in the sled og controll your own. The surrounding with Skogshorn mountain in the background just make the trip even more beautiful.

4. Horse sleigh - A calm and beautiful trip suitable for all ages. Enjoy a ride in the sleigh, covered with sheepskin, to the sound of bells while the view of Skogshorn mountain and Tisleifjorden lake will take your breath away.

5. Climbing - In Hemsedal we have 3 different kinds of climbing during the winter season: Ice climbing on waterfalls, Vinter Via Ferrata and the indoor climbing hall in Klatresenteret. Contact Hemsedal Fjellsport for more information.

6. Horseback riding - Last season Hemsedal Western Horses opened up for horseback riding during the winter season. This activity is very popular during summer, but imagine the view with snow covered mountains instead - an exeptional experience. To enjoy your day on the back of a horse on a guided trip book on bookhemsedal.com

7. Shopping - Even though Hemsedal is a small town you will find lots of opportunities to do some shopping, whether you are searching for ski equipment, fashionable clothing or vitamins you can find it here.

8. Cafe/Restaurant - Across Hemsedal from Ulsåk, through the town center and towards the ski resort you will find cafees and restaurants well worth a visit. Enjoy a Scandinavian "Fika" (coffee and something sweet) or maybe dinner with a view?

9. Massage and wellness - Just because you are on holiday it doesn't mean you'll have to get out of your daily yoga routine. In Hemsedal you will find drop in classes with Reflection Yoga and Lynx Well. You will also find lots of opportunities for a massage and at Skogstad Hotell in the town center you will find sauna and steam room. Spoil yourself and enjoy your vacation!

10. Game Rooms - Bowling and arcade games can be a great activity when the sun has set. At O'Learys in Skistar Lodge you will find fun arcade games and shuffleboard.
At the new Fýri Resort you can enjoy a game of shuffleboard or board games in the lobby. 

Besides these suggestions you will find other activities around Hemsedal. Try tobogganing with Hemsedal Fjellsport or go on a guided randonne tour and stay safe with an experienced guide. You can also check out the waterfall Rjukandefossen in Tuv. Visit the calendar here on hemsedal.com and stay updated on upcoming activities and events. 

Check the programme for more inspiration (in Norwegian):


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